Popular Essay Subjects for University Application

Thousands of students, if not more, graduate high school to attend a specific university or college to pursue a particular program. As such, the competition for admission spots becomes fierce, with every applicant having the required entry grades. It, therefore, becomes necessary to write or buy biology essay for university application that will be unique and brilliant to stand a chance in securing a spot. 

So what can you consider when writing that mandatory application essay? The idea of writing an application essay for university admission purposes entails showcasing your personality besides the high grades scored. Further, you can also demonstrate your thought process, especially when it comes to your perspective on specific issues and the way to go about them.

University Application Essay Prompts

  • Share your unique story. You can reflect on a personality facet, a hobby, or an experience that genuinely means a lot to you in a unique way. It can fascinate the admissions board to connect with you in an intimate but professional way. Your honesty in communicating your statement can draw them in and identify with you and your story, thereby, giving you a chance. It’s possible to write concerning anything like family history or your affection for a specific superhero as long as you can make it all about your perspective and belief system.
  • Learning from huddles. Well, it might seem counterintuitive to readily accept your struggles when trying to showcase your best attributes through the essay. But at times, overcoming a huddle can demonstrate grit, perseverance, and courage. So yes, you can write about a big or small huddled face, but in demonstrating how the experience transformed your perspective on specific issues can prove a silver bullet. 
  • Challenge a specific belief. You can concentrate on a period in which you stood up for an idea or person. Alternatively, it can also entail a moment of standing up to people. It’s however, wise to only rely on such a prompt when you can readily recount a relevant and particular experience. 
  • Solving a specific problem. An essay developed around such a prompt, aims at getting to the bottom of your thought process, and what enables you to function. Present a quandary or situation before demonstrating the steps to solving the challenge. The admission board will have an interest in understanding how you think besides the issues you face daily. By enumerating the relevance of the problem to you and how you solved it, you carve a better chance of securing your sport through your essay. 
  • Personal growth. Most colleges get keen on aspects of introspection and maturity, and therefore, you have to write about any milestone attained and the lessons learned through the process. Such a demonstration of personal growth through life’s achievements can ensure your essay stands out among the thousands of application essays.
  • The key things that captivate you. It’s a prompt that invites you to consider writing on something that you deeply care about. Avoid shying away from writing anything that you feel passionately about, especially concerning the world around you.
  • Your choice subject. The prompt can easily apply to you in an instance where you feel inspired to write concerning a query from a different university application.


You can easily struggle in ignorance when it comes to writing a brilliant university application essay. But in considering the prompts provided, nothing can stop you from writing an essay that can secure you that university admission slot.

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