Coronavirus (COVID-19) Essay Sample

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This virus is not only affecting the government but is also affecting the internet through various platforms. This new sickness is also affecting the financial market. The government is enforcing travel bans that are affecting the lives of their citizens. With this in mind, there are many theories, fake news, racist theories that are spreading like wildfire. The companies responsible for social media in the united of America are defending themselves to find ways to reduce the spread of false news and information—having this in mind. However, the media is a platform that the people get the news of about the coronavirus. 

However, one part that seems right about the media is that it spreads the news in sensationalism and fear-mongering. With this, the media is a place where the wrong people use this chance to spread the news about racism and malicious posts to the people, which in turn stirs fear into people’s lives. The companies responsible for social media like Facebook and Twitter are working tirelessly to detect and remove posts related to false news on the media. 

While the posts from sensationalists are having problems looking for posts that the public will have interest in, there are headlines that people specifically designed to cause harm, fear, or entice people to read their work. Other headlines do not give accurate information about the virus but have background information about the virus. 

Now here, the reporters find a way of putting the false information and the information on the history of the virus to look like it is sensible. So once the public reads this information, they will easily believe it. For example, a post says that drinking alcohol and some bleach will automatically heal you from the disease. Of course, the government and other institutions are working very hard to eradicate the disease. Buy the spread of wrong information can cause disaster and hence the confusion. So this makes it quite challenging for the government to solve such issues. 


The wrong people or malicious individuals now have an opportunity to absorb spread racists’ ideas, traffic. In contrast, big social media companies like Facebook and Twitter are working hard to eliminate the posts that people put online to cause havoc. Spreading false information must stop; this will help the government look for suitable methods easily and quickly to curb the spread of the virus. The public must decease from looking for information from platforms that are not scientific. Stick to reliable sources especially government communication and international health bodies. You have the sole responsibility of protecting yourself and those around you.

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