Writing A Persuasive Speech

Speech writing is an advantageous skill you need under your belt whether you will have to use it in school or your career. It, however, is not an easy task as it entails a couple of requirements to be able to write a persuasive speech. The following are some of the requirements for writing a persuasive speech.

  • Write out your goal – you aim to persuade the audience either to do something or to change their viewpoint. Having a clear goal in your mind prevents you from ranting irrelevant materials and keeps you in a leash that ensures you achieve your goal.
  • Know your audience – knowing your audience aids you; select the best topic, your delivery method, and your analysis and research of the topic.
  • Select a topic – when choosing a topic it is advisable to select a topic that you have a genuine interest in as you will be required to do a lot of research. Which can become a difficult and boring task if you are not passionate about it? And it will reflect your audience as they will see that you are not thrilled about the subject and you will lose their attention.
  • The incline in familiarity – you work better with something you know about. If you know any general information about your subject then researching it becomes easy for you.
  • Ensure credibility in the introduction- make sure you not only capture your audience’s attention at the beginning but also enthrall them this will ensure that your audience’s attention is maintained throughout the speech and, persuading them becomes easier.
  • Audience relatability – this is an easy part, as you are selecting a topic that you are interested in you will also have to put your audiences interested in mind. It’s advisable to select topics that not only relate to your community but trending subjects as well. This becomes easy with the availability of online platforms. You can use these platforms to help you select topics that are both relevant and trendy.

Ensure to use as many examples as possible – examples help serve as logical appeal, proving your points other than mere “hearsay” you state an occurrence that happened.

Serves for emotional appeal as examples usually have emotional appeals to the “pathos” they hence become more interesting to listen to than just opinions and lists of facts.

After you compiled your research it’s now time to correct my essay. Practice your delivery your examples and look for ways to make your speech better, lively, and interesting this will ensure you achieve your goals.

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